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Drake Just Went On A Hentai Barrage On Instagram

Hello, welcome to the end of the week. I’m here to send you off into the night with the news that rapper Drake has posted a bunch of anime porn, aka hentai on his main Instagram account. The account has 124M followers, for the record, which is more than the entirety of Crunchyroll’s viewership in 2021. The porn is […]

Justin Bieber Named As Highest Paid Instagram Influencer.

For non-celebrities, Instagram is a tool to stay connected, share memories and make friends. But celebrities and influencers can make a living just by posting sponsored content on their carefully-curated feed. NetCredit created an algorithm to estimate the world’s top-paid Instagram influencers from different countries. The loan lending company first built a list of the […]

Kanye West’s Instagram account has been suspended again, 4 days after his return to the medium.

Kanye West’s Instagram account has been suspended once again, four days after he returned to the platform. READ MORE: With his “White Lives Matter” stunt, has Kanye West finally hit the point of no return? Instagram’s parent company, Meta, confirmed West’s ban to Billboard yesterday (October 31), citing an unspecified violation of the platform’s policies. The spokesperson did […]

Instagram Live Producer News

Disclaimer: Live Producer is limited access at this time. How do I go live on Instagram using streaming software? Instagram Live Producer will allow you to go live on Instagram using streaming software (OBS, Streamlabs, etc.) through a stream key. This integration opens up production features outside the traditional phone camera, including additional cameras, external microphones, […]